What We Do
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What We Do

Together We Succeed

Our Mission Statement

THE ALPERSOL GROUP and its subsidiary (TAG HR), helps people find rewarding work and clients find the right talent to grow their businesses, and our goal is to adhere to the highest ethical standards when doing so.

This commitment is reflected in our policies and programs that support universal human rights; respecting the diversity of our employees, customers and business partners; form the foundation of our social responsibility engagements; and protecting the environment in the communities we serve.

TAG Ltd International Human Rights Policy:

Human rights are the fundamental rights, freedoms, and standards of treatment to which all individuals are entitled. This worldwide Human Rights Policy (Policy) formalizes The Alpersol Group  Ltd.’s (TAG Ltd or the Company) longstanding commitment to respect and uphold human rights for all. Our Policy stems from our Company’s business practices which have been guided by the motto “Together  We Succeed” since our early days of business This Policy applies to all TAG Ltd employees and contingent workers, all of TAG Ltd’s direct and indirect subsidiaries worldwide, as well as TAG Ltd’s suppliers and vendors. TAG Ltd also commits to adopt programs to address the specific human rights issues faced in our business. The purpose of a Human Rights Policy is to establish a foundation for managing our business around the world in accordance with these standards and we are committed to following all applicable employment laws wherever we operate. Where there is any conflict between the language of this Human Rights policy and the national laws/local company policies, then the national laws/local company policies will take precedence, while seeking ways to respect international human rights. TAG Ltd. is dedicated to stakeholder involvement in the development of the Policy, its implementation, and the evaluation of the effective outcomes of the Policy’s implementation. TAG Ltd fulfills this commitment by asking for feedback from stakeholders about the Policy from time to time. The programs to support this Policy are managed by the senior leadership of the Company with oversight and input on the Policy and programs by the TAG Ltd. Board of Directors.

Our International Policies include:

1) Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

2) Policy Against Sexual Harassment

3) Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

4) Workplace Health and Safety

5) Diversity and Inclusion

6) Non-Retaliation

 Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

TAG Ltd. has a standing policy that there be no unlawful discrimination against any employee, temporary professional, applicant, client, vendor, or contractor (collectively “Covered Persons”) based on such individual’s membership in a protected group (e.g. ancestry, race, color, religious creed, sex, pregnancy, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, national origin, citizenship/immigration status, military or veteran status), or any other protected status under applicable law. Accordingly, TAG Ltd will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment. The commitment to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment extends to the conduct of third parties towards Covered Persons whether the conduct by a third party occurs on Company premises or at another location. Specifically, this Policy’s protection extends to Covered Persons assigned and working at a client location. In general, harassment is defined as inappropriate, unwelcome or offensive conduct, whether verbal, physical or visual where:

  • Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions;


  • Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an

individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive

working environment Examples of harassment may include, but are not limited to:

  • Derogatory comments about an individual’s membership in a protected group
  • Visual messages that are degrading to or reflect negatively upon a protected group
  • Jokes that have the purpose or effect of stereotyping, demeaning, or making fun of any protected group
  • Slurs that describe a protected group
  • Nicknames that relate to a person’s membership in any protected group
  • Verbal or non-verbal innuendos that relate to or reflect negatively upon any protected group

Harassment includes incidents outside of the workplace if the persons involved include employees, temporary professionals, supervisors, applicants, clients, vendors or contractors of TAG Ltd.

  1.     Policy Against Sexual Harassment

TAG Ltd is committed to providing a working environment that is free of all impermissible forms of harassment. This includes sexual harassment. TAG Ltd will not tolerate sexual harassment of or by any of its employees, temporary professionals, applicants, clients, vendors, or contractors (collectively “Covered Persons”) and will treat any violation of this policy as a disciplinary matter. In order to assure that all individuals fully understand what constitutes sexual harassment, this particular form of prohibited harassment is addressed below. Any unwelcome sexual conduct or sexual behavior that is offensive to a reasonable person may constitute sexual harassment. The commitment to a workplace free from sexual harassment extends to the conduct of third parties towards Covered Persons whether the conduct by a third party occurs on Company premises or at another location. Specifically, this Policy’s protection extends to Covered Persons assigned and working at a client location.

Sexual harassment includes:

  • Sexual advances or requests for sexual favors
  • Unwelcome or offensive touching and other verbal, graphic or physical conduct of asexual nature, including sexual gestures
  • Offensive remarks, jokes and other verbal, written or graphic commentaries of a sexual nature about an individual’s body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, or suggestive or obscene letters, notes, gestures or invitations
  • Physical conduct, including touching, assault, or impeding or blocking movements

Sexual harassment includes incidents outside of the workplace if the persons involved include employees, temporary professionals, supervisors, applicants, clients, vendors, or contractors of TAG Ltd. Unwelcome sexual conduct is absolutely prohibited regardless of whether it involves individuals of different sexes or the same sex.

  1.     Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

TAG Ltd. acknowledges that in many of the locations where we operate, employees have the right to freely associate, or not associate, with third party organizations such as labor organizations, along with the right to bargain, or not bargain collectively, in accordance with local law. TAG Ltd. not only respects such rights, but also is committed to promoting mutual constructive dialog with our employees. We encourage our employees to share their ideas, concerns or suggestions in an environment of cooperation and teamwork, and also encourage managers and supervisors to forge productive working relationships with all employees.

  1.     Workplace Health and Safety

TAG Ltd’s policy is to strive to provide each employee, temporary professional, applicant, client, vendor, or contractor (collectively “Covered Persons”) with a safe and healthful work environment. We do this by promulgating health rules and safety practices that contribute to a safe and healthy workplace and by complying with all applicable health and safety rules, regulations and laws.

Each Covered Person has responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all by following safety and health rules and practices and reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe equipment, practices or conditions. Violence and threatening behavior are not permitted. Covered Persons should report to the work environment in condition to perform their duties, free from the impairment of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol. The sale or use of illegal drugs on TAG Ltd premises or in the workplace will not be tolerated.

The commitment to a safe and healthful workplace extends to Covered Persons on Company premises or at another location. Specifically, this Policy’s protection extends to Covered Persons assigned and working at a client location.

If you believe your working conditions are unsafe, please report these conditions to TAG Ltd.

  1.     Diversity and Inclusion

As a global professional services organization, our employees are the most valuable asset we have. TAG Ltd recognizes the importance of having a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences represented throughout the company. This includes people of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, ages, educational backgrounds and social classes.

The Alpersol Group Ltd, welcomes diversity in all forms and is firmly committed to providing equal opportunity when it comes to our workforce, leaders and executives. Our strategy is to hire skilled and experienced personnel into our workforce, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. Our company was founded on the principle “Diversity and Ethics First,” which includes embracing the value of our diversity in all forms. And as we do, we unlock the vast potential for innovation by nurturing inclusivity, reflecting the cultures we serve and bringing our authentic selves to work.

  1.     Non-Retaliation

The Alpersol Group Ltd does not tolerate retaliation against anyone who reports possible violations of law, the Code of Conduct or any other TAG Ltd policy or procedure. Individuals can be assured that they will not be penalized in any way for reporting harassment or discrimination. Retaliation in any form for filing a complaint about potential or actual misconduct or violations are strictly forbidden.

About TAG HR

TAG HR is a subsidiary of (THE ALPERSOL GROUP LTD), which serves as a temporary and direct staff placement firm that provides unparalleled support to industries on both the local and international markets. With our combined years of excellent managerial experience – both at home and abroad, TAG HR specializes in securing and placing skilled professionals and candidates in the disciplines of engineering, manufacturing, clerical support, and executive administration. TAG HR is a go to brand in this millennium of different business practices, that meets your industry specific needs with the appropriate professionals to help you succeed. Human Resources excellence is our bane – we work with you to get to where you see your company through effective staffing and on the job training support.


TAG Media Services

Our media arm serves as a content provider for news outlets. Both local and international media houses can draw breaking news contents for relay into the public domain via website, social media traditional media coverage.  We will be located in the US. CANADA and the UK to begin with

We are a new media company delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient, illuminating and shareable ways possible. We offer a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, tech, business and politics with expertise, voice and smart brevity — on a new and innovative mobile platform. At TAG Media, we strive to provide only content worthy of people’s time, attention and trust.

Career & Business Opportunities

We look forward to working and establishing and long lasting business and career relationship you. Please get in touch with us via any of the telephone and email addreses provided on this website.