TAG Media
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TAG Media

We Provide Only Content Worthy of Peoples' Trust, Attention & Time

TAG Media Services

TAG MEDIA, the news and media division of The Alpersol Group Limited (TAG Ltd), is an internet based content provider of aggregated news and analysis for news organizations and consumers the world over.


We bring brevity and accountability in the course of our providing trusted business, financial, national, and international news to all our audience.


We provide a wide range of news content and services online for audiences across the world Our commercial operations generate income that we invest in well researched, critical and analytical news content to our audience. Our services are available online and on many mobile social media platforms

TAG Media’s Mission

As a media services company, the delivering of vital, trustworthy news and analysis in an efficient, illuminating and shareable format is important to us.

We offer a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, business, politics, sports and technological news – using experts in the field as points of contact. Brevity — for delivery on a new and innovative social mobile platform.

At TAG Media Services, we strive to provide only content worthy of people’s trust, attention and time.


TAG Media Manifesto

We at TAG MEDIA believe in the core principle that to start a new company comes with a lot of dedication and resilience.

We also have a shared belief that modern Media needs to be shared in a modern way or platform — and too often the traditional media houses take it for granted. We are here to break that cycle of news gathering and dissemination.

Career & Business Opportunities

We look forward to working and establishing a long lasting business and career relationship with you. Contact us.