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Your solution to running an effective organization.

Our HR Subsidiary

TAG HR offers direct-hire recruiting services in all major markets throughout the US, CANADA, GHANA and other global locations. We have the experience, created connections, and the drive needed to do more than fill vacancies in your establishment.

It all starts with listening and listening well. Many permanent placement firms can find qualified candidates. We take it a step further.  TAG HR excels at finding professionals with the right resume for the job and the emotional intelligence to match the role. We strive for diversity as well as professional competency. Meaning your success is our success. 

Together We Succeed!

Our Proven Process

How do we do it? We undertake fact finding Corporate Visits with you, soak up your culture, and use our depth of experience to ask better questions.

The result? A targeted Management, recruitment and Training process that ends with crème de la crème top-notch hires.

Our proven process gets buy-in from everyone involved. We focus on finding talent your competitors would love to have and present you with Prescreened and fully-vetted candidates.

Our process ensures long-term success for your new hires and your business as a whole.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Let us become your recruiting department for a specific period that you define. This is ideal if your business has talent acquisition needs for a specified period of time. For example, six or nine months. Maybe your company is planning for a growth spurt over the next six months, and you anticipate ongoing needs for adding talent and experience. We are available to help with the human capital for that venture. We Offer business specific specialized services providing; On-going Talent Search,  Full-Service Job Posting and Recruitment assistance, Screening and Assessment of candidates

Career & Business Opportunities

Enhance your core offer by collaborating with The Alpersol Group Limited. By collaborating with TAG LTD, you will gain access to a wide variety of products, services, and expertise that will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Our partners include; Banking and Insurance Broker Agencies, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing Companies, Healthcare Agencies, Professional Service Associations, Membership Associations

The benefits of collaborating with The Alpersol Group Limited (TAG Ltd) are as follows: Generate a new revenue stream for your firm as well as providing customized offerings to your clients. We private label and tailor the services that The Alpersol Group Limited provides and offer a competitive cutting edge solution to your business – compared to what other staffing/HR companies are offering. We integrate your company’s products and services along with TAG Ltd.’s offering to retain your current revenue streams.

Is Your Business Ready To Walk the Path of Success? Come Explore That Unlimited Possibilities With Us.