The Alpersol Group
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The Alpersol Group

Together We Succeed

The Alpersol Group Limited

THE ALPERSOL GROUP LTD  is dedicated to innovative human resources services to industry leaders the world over.


We have a strong recruitment subsidiary that helps many businesses and corporations staff their establishments with the right professionals.


Our TAG Media Services  aggregates world news and trending events into one portal for clients and communities the world over from Ghana, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States to name a few.

About TAG HR

TAG HR is a subsidiary of (THE ALPERSOL GROUP LTD), which serves as a temporary and direct staff placement firm that provides unparalleled support to industries on both the local and international markets. With our combined years of excellent managerial experience – both at home and abroad, TAG HR specializes in securing and placing skilled professionals and candidates in the disciplines of engineering, manufacturing, clerical support, and executive administration. TAG HR is a go to brand in this millennium of different business practices, that meets your industry specific needs with the appropriate professionals to help you succeed. Human Resources excellence is our bane – we work with you to get to where you see your company through effective staffing and on the job training support.


TAG Media Services

Our media arm serves as a content provider for news outlets. Both local and international media houses can draw breaking news contents for relay into the public domain via website, social media traditional media coverage. 


As a media portal, we bring global events to life. We are a media company delivering vital, trustworthy news and analysis in the most efficient, illuminating and shareable ways possible.


We offer a mix of original and smartly narrated coverage of media trends, tech, business and politics with expertise, voice and smart brevity — on a new and innovative mobile platform. At TAG Media, we strive to provide only content worthy of people’s time, attention and trust.

Career & Business Opportunities

We look forward to working and establishing and long lasting business and career relationship you. Please get in touch with us via any of the telephone and email addreses provided on this website.